Dylan, the Fab 4, & the Middle 8: pt. 2 

Can pot make for great pop?  Or pop make for great rock?  The answers may lie in what happened in the few years after an encounter between emerging superstars on August 28, 1964, when Dylan introduced the Fab 4 to…

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Dylan Goes South of the Border: Pt. 2. 

In this 45-minute follow-up to part one, Bob Dylan takes us from Liverpool all the way to Trump's wall at the border, stopping along the way in Juarez, in New Mexico with Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, and in…

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Dylan Goes South of the Border: Pt. 1. 

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Bob Dylan takes us into that wild, unknown country south of the border accompanied by his sidekick, J.B. Pariah, who offers not just samplings of Dylan tunes but of musical tropes and Mexican…

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The Who's "My Generation": Growing Up in Public 

"Hope I die before I get old" is to the rocker what "to be or not to be" is to the actor--words to fuel the fire within.  In this re-podcast commemorating the Who's Superbowl performance of 2010, Dr. Russ Omens…

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Dylan, the Fab 4, & the Middle 8 

Does August 28, 1964 ring a rock bell for you?   Probably not!  But it should if you're a fan of the art in rock & pop. This Rockademia U podcast takes you back in time and place to the Delmonico…

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Dylan Does the Book on Love 

All alone this Valentine's Day with just one glass of Merlot, a dozen roses, and a box of chocolates for company as Joan Baez sings Dylan's "Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word" in a loop?    To avoid a repeat next year, check out Dylan's five lessons of seduction.  Could be the most useful 41 minutes you've ever spent on your love life, especially if you don't share them with potential rivals.  Includes cuts straight from the master's mouth. 

Written, Engineered, and Produced by me, J.B., hoping that originality will make up for any technical deficiencies.

Coming soon: Dylan, the Fab Four, & The Book of Love & Visions of Visions of Johanna (an explication of what poet laureate Andrew Motion considers the best pop song ever written)

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