Dylan, the Fab 4, & the Middle 8: pt. 2 

Can pot make for great pop?  Or pop make for great rock?  The answers may lie in what happened in the few years after an encounter between emerging superstars on August 28, 1964, when Dylan introduced the Fab 4 to pot at the Delmonico Hotel in New York. 

Part two of the Rockademia U podcast explores the cross-pollination between Dylan's cerebral approach and the Fab 4's pop approach, culminating in a quick comparison between Dylan's "4th Time Around" from Blonde on Blonde and Lennon & McCartney's "Norwegian Wood" from Rubber Soul, where a whole lot of borrowing took place. 

Written, Engineered, and Produced by me, J.B., hoping that originality will make up for any technical deficiencies. For more, visit jbpariah.com

Length: 24 ad-free minutes. 

Worth noting: The American Writer's Museum in Chicago has extended its Dylan exhibit till late fall.  The exhibit focuses on his mid-sixties period and features lots of memorabilia, including the Fender Stratocaster Dylan used for his ground-breaking and folk-shattering performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965.  You can look but not touch, as it's encased in glass. 

Coming soon: An analysis of Dylan's Series of Dreams, yet another example of a Dylan outtake that would be the grandest achievement of many a lesser artist.

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