From the recording The Dwindling Road

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For anyone who's ever had an argument against an obstinate significant other where all you can do is fling words and hope they penetrate.


No one is strung out with grief
Yet time is the most subtle thief
Now, isn’t it true?
You shrugged your shoulders in disbelief
And tried to keep the riddles brief
Now, didn’t you?
You say the problem isn’t yours but mine
If that’s the way you want it, well that’s fine,
Yet never is the longest time.

No one’s heaving stumbling blocks
Or landsliding piles of rocks
Now, are they?
You speak of how you’re so afraid
Of my temper tantrums and tirades,
They’re short-lived, aren’t they?
Are you deaf or just not paying any mind?
Don’t you listen? Should I signal you in sign?
That never is the longest time.

No one’s coming all gift-wrapped
Or dreaming ways to get you trapped,
Can’t you see?
You keep mentioning that I’m all thumbs
And how you walk to a different drum,
Now, what does that mean?
Are you faking or are you really blind?
You look for things that are never there to find
And never is the longest time.

No one’s slamming any doors
Or pouring salt on open sores
If that’s okay.
You know like me that talk is cheap
And drunken vows aren’t meant to keep
And yet you say.
I’m almost incoherent from the wine
But maybe it’s just knowing in my mind
That never is the longest time.

No one’s resurrecting love
We both recall how dead ours was
Now, wasn’t it?
And yet you always bring it up
It tickles you, I know it does,
Now, doesn’t it?
You’ve equated our differences to parallel lines
To stay apart forever but go ask Einstein
Never is the longest time.