From the recording The Dwindling Road

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A parting song with tenderness instead of bitterness.


After all this time there are no lines to steal,
No more tears or laughter, even less to feel.
Time took us to task
Unraveling our masks
Neither was prepared to see the darker sides revealed.

An ambulance whines, the police car siren screams,
But you know they’re not for us. they can’t revive our dreams.
Me, I hardly cared,
And you, you merely stared
As we watched our love just crumble at the seams.

So follow me out to the door
Blow out all the candles one at a time
You know it won’t be me you wake up for
When you hear the gentle stirring of your oriental chimes.

She took me for her protégé just off the streets and wild
Someone she could civilize, her own adopted child
It was there an open book
But neither dared to look,
Her love was like a jury and mine was up on trial.

She gave me all I wanted, even more than I could use
She was my avenging angel, devil’s advocate, and muse.
But we were so afraid