1. Chiraq

From the recording The Dwindling Road

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Violence blossoms every spring in certain parts of Chicago, the birthplace of hard-driving city blues.


School's out
Mayhem’s in bloom
Bangers sprout
In turfs of doom
Bullets sing
From driveby cars
Shrines to spring
On boulevards
Buy some crack
Watch your back
Down in Chiraq

Birds of prey
Reign all night
Sirens bray--
It’s fight or flight
Budding feuds
Blossom in blood
Every spring
The ERs flood
Life and limb
Under attack
Down in Chiraq

Another day
Another down
Some kid was shot
In cap and gown
Marchers chant
Their vigil prayers
That reach no one
And go nowhere
Venal streets
Cut no slack
Down in Chiraq

Know your colors
Know your signs
Beware of cops know your ops
Don’t cross no lines
Crime tape festoons
A bloody walk
Who’ll be the next
Outlined in chalk?
Brown or black
The deck is stacked
Down in Chiraq