Dubliners Sung

J.B. Pariah

Here's a sample from a work-in-progess, "Dubliners Sung: Portrait of a Town and an Artist by the Liffey," a work of poetry, anecdotes, and song that sets James Joyce's short stories to a combination of original lyrics and Celtic-flavored music, a lot of it traditional.

The Celtic-cabaret was performed in and around the Chicago area at venues like Cafe Luna, The Chopin Theater, and The Heartland Cafe. The female singer is Ms. Lynn Clayton. Other musicians: Gerry Field, fiddle; Russ Omens, guitar.

My attraction to Celtic music was inspired by Van Morrison's Irish Heartbeat, which then led to Planxty, The Bothy Band, the Pogues, Christy Moore, the Chieftains, and many others, including old-timers, newcomers, and vets of the session scene in Celtic bars around Chicago. And, as you might suspect, my love of Irish literature had long pre-dated that.

These tracks are demos; hence, payment is optional.

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