From the recording Dubliners Sung

Vocalist: Megon McDonough


Mrs. Mooney was a butcher's girl 
With a drunkard for a spouse,
And after she ran out on him,
She ran a boarding house.
She had a daughter Polly 
With a lewd Madonna smile
Who flirted with young boarders
As she dreamed of wedding aisles.
Mrs. Mooney and Polly had 
A big unspoken plan,
But nothing ever came of it till
Along came Bob Doran,
A handsome lad who went to church
And worked an office job,
Something in his highborn blood
Made Polly's heart just throb.

Polly one night knocked upon
His room door while he read-- 
Could she light her candle from
The one next to his bed?
She tiptoed in her bathing robe,
He could smell her scented skin.
The next thing they were kissing,
And he was fumbling into sin.

Mrs. Mooney noticed that 
The pair was acting strange.
Polly's slender body was
Ripening with change.
A candid talk one teary night
Confirmed what she had guessed.
Now to the seducer 
To persuade him to what's best.

Dublin was a little town
Of scandal-hungry tongues.
Doran knew what they said of men
Deserting girls so young.
But Polly was so unrefined
He'd be a laughing stock.
He wished that he could fly away
When her mom called for a talk. 
No one knows what words were said,
But when they left the room,
Polly was a bride-to-be
And Doran a frowning groom.   

Meanwhile Mrs. Mooney, she was
Sending for a priest,
Beaming like a burden was
About to be released.